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Creating an online store sucks!So we created a better way to do it: posting selfies of your products 🤳👕🧁️👟

How it works

Your Point of Sale for WhatsApp

You are already servicing orders on WhatsApp?Now you can send the link for payment too!It works for in-person payments too, just like any other PoS but with lower fees!

Create your catalog

You send product photos, Chiringo builds your store

Your fully-fledged online store, including your own Internet address.Everything is automated, and payments are processed securely so your money goes to your wallet.


That's all? That simple?

Yes! Why make things more complex than they should be?But you probably would like to know a bit more about who is behind Chiringo, what it does, and what it does NOT do for you...Find answers in the FAQs, and if there is something missing you can drop us a line and we'll include the answer.


Look at some users' stores

Chiringo is for small business owners not having thousands of dollars to start selling online.You can start selling online just using your phone and with no technical knowledge at all!Tap to see below some stores from our users, set up by themselves in minutes, with no external help and even making a first sale in the first hours!

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Pay what you want

Chiringo is a pay-what-you-want service.If you cannot afford it, you can still use it.The money goes toward supporting the cost of development and hosting.

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Chiringo is an open project

Follow the journey!

Chiringo is a selfless project to help people all around the Globe.Chiringo is an open project, built in public, you can read more at project.chiringo.coChiringo needs your feedback to address your needs and your help to spread the word so more people can benefit from it.You've got something to say? Text us with your favorite social media or drop us a line by email.

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Chiringo is developed by MessengerSell INCORPORATED, available at:MESSENGERSELL INCORPORATED 86-50 Burnhamthorpe Rd WBox 251 Mississauga, ON L5B 3C2, Canada